Thursday, February 14, 2013

Venezia - one short day in Wonderland was my 3rd time in Venice, and the 2nd Carnival. 
In 2011, we`ve planned to visit the city with my mom, since she hasn't been anywhere really in the past 5 years.. but she couldn't come because of her job in the hospital, so I visited Venice alone... it was truly amazing, but I missed her very much and I really wanted to show her what I saw.. We couldn't make it last year either, but I didn't give up on my plan of taking her with me..
... also, there was one more person, about whom I knew that she would adore Venice just like I do..
..My muse, my best friend and sister - Rose. I had to convince her as well.. Fortunately, she said yes.
.. and finally, another talented and wonderful person fell in love with the city and decided to joined us - my boyfriend - Peti (also, he wanted to test his new camera - and the results are beautiful).
So there we were, the 4 of us, excited and ready to discover all the wonders and secrets of Venice. 

It was a wonderful day with my loved ones. 

For more photos & the whole album, click here:

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