Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When you receive a letter like this one, you know that you are lucky.. 
..and that DREAMS come true. 
This was the second time that I've entered the contest of (first in 2009.) 
and I almost forgot about it... 

5 of my photos (or more) got into the Final selection, and this one won and got published in the Magazine. 
This is a really really big thing for me. 
I am incredibly happy.. 

The moment I get my portrait lens back 
(it is hopefully being fixed in one of Canon`s service centers..)
I will start working on some new series!
thank you for regularly visiting my blog & page and being so patient.
Lots of Love,

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5ar said...

respect Reka and congratulations, I mentioned you in my latest post. Hope you don't mind, just sharing the love. Stay well, P.