Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How you see me

I'm incredibly happy to have so many followers and wonderful people around me who appreciate and love what I do... many of them are my greatest friends and colleagues & artists dear to my heart...
so... I`d like to dedicate this post to them and show you some of their photos / works / drawings of me...
Feel free to follow their blogs & visit their pages.
Give them a big like.

Peter Ferenci, photo & video & writing

Ante Delač, photography

Zoltán Biró - photography

Vadim aka Tipa Graphic
his amazing blog - etsy 

Romulić & Stojčić photography 

Pjotr Bagyinszki - photography

Manuela Lovrenčić aka Manchi Fotoart - fashion design and photography

Fodor Laci / photography

Barta Robert / fashion photography
Szirmai Gergely - video & critic

Láng Péter - wedding photography

Attila Gál - his blog and writings

Bogdan Radenković - photo-diary 

Magyar Gábor - photo & video

Vedran Marjanović aka Wekster - photogrpahy & video

Klara Lukic / photogaphy / shop  Fb

Matea Coma / photography FB


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