Monday, October 17, 2011

Stop me if you can!

For a week, everyone kept telling me that everything is going to be fine...
Frankly, I didn't believe them. I didn't lose hope, but I couldn't see how...
I was crying rivers every day, for a week.
I just wouldn't wish anything like this for anyone.. This feeling is awful and unbearable.
It was really hard.

...and just as in fairy tales -
(because my life is still one - full of miracles and beautiful things... yep, feel free to be jealous (I'm joking of course) :) )
- my heros came and saved my life.
saved the photographer and the artist.

This is the most generous and beautiful thing one ever did to me. I got a camera.
An amazing one. It is 5-6years old, but still working fantastic! More than fantastic.
I need a new battery for it, and Ill be back again...
as soon, as possible.
with new energy, new ideas and hopefully, even better photos.

I miss my good friend Sony. Every day. I really hope it is going to be used again.
In loving and creative hands. that is all I wish.

A new era is to begin. I'm really excited.

I owe a HUGE THANK YOU to my wonderful friend and neighbour - Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić.
I don't think I deserved this kindness and this gift.
But I`ll do my best...

..and take care of my new camera.

Love you.
ps. this is one of the test photos -made by Mihael Raff :)
cheers mate! :)


M.Szilcs said...

nem mondanám hogy rossz képek!

Valkai Réka said...

az első kettő bohóckodás és természetesen nem ilyen zajos az eredeti. :) az utolsó lenne a mérvadó - esti fényben. :) ma vettem aksit, holnaptól kezdődik a kaland! :)

M.Szilcs said...

ja az utólső nekem is mérvadónak tünik!